Everything is hand made in Mermaid bakery!


Malasada is a Sweet Doughnuts from Hawaii.

The malasadas are crunchy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside, and they taste great even on the second day.


We deep-frie in palm oil which makes that crunchiness.  

Also everyting is handmaded by us.

 It will taste much more delicious if you put it on     microwave for 5~10 Seconds without the Saran                               Wrap before you eat.


Have a try!

・Classic Plain Sugar

・Classic Plain Cinamon Sugar

・Strawberry ・Coffe Chocolate

・Brown Sugar and Kinako( Traditional Japanese Fryed Soy bean Powder)

・Purple Potato With Plain Sugar 

・Purple Potato With Cinamon


*For an extra 30 yen, you can fill your malasada with custard.


Croissant is one of the most popular breads in Mermaid Bakery!

It is crunchy on  the outside and very soft inside.

Have a try!

・Cheese Croissant

・Chocolate Croissant

・Sausage Croissant